Diving center Réunion Island: Réunion Plongée Div’ine Run

“Indian Ocean under his best angle”

About Réunion Plongée

The diving center « Réunion Plongée – Div’in Run » is located in Saint-Leu,  at a place called Pointe Des Châteaux. Created in 1995, it is run by par Xavier Malagié since 2013. Xavier is fluent in French and English.

The diving center has a large covered space opening on a large garden.

Facilities include: easy parking, class corner, terrace, rinsing water tank for diving gears, shower, toilets, coffee machine and fresh drinks. The equipment is carefully sorted and only wait for divers to get briny.

The place is friendly, convivial and amazing too as its structure is a large cyclone-proofed shed meant to resist against the stiff winds that stroke the coast in summer, from November to April.

We do everything to welcome you warmly: you will meet one another, a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate in hand. Getting to know one another before diving is fine and makes everyone comfortable. Everybody ready!? Let’s go!

Back to the diving center, we share our underwater experience in the shade of coconut trees. A glass in hand, we freely talk about what we have seen and felt.

From the port of Saint-Leu, « Réunion Plongée – Div’in Run » enables you to get to the most sought-after diving spots located on the West side of the Reunion Island in less than an hour, either off L’Etang-Salé or in Saint-Paul’s Bay.

We are offering you hundreds of undersea sites in accordance with your diving skills, your wishes and needs and… the weather. Saint-Leu’s bay is well sheltered from the wave swells and trade winds of the Indian Ocean. This makes diving possible 300 days a year.

The water is often cristal clear. We can see so well, so beautifully that we might even wonder whether there is water outside our diving masks. Strongs currents are relatively rare due to the geographical situation of the bay ;  beginners enjoy  wetting their flippers without any stress or apprehension.

Saint-Leu’s corral barrier is outstanding. It lies just beneath the sea surface and slowly go down following the curves drawn by the gulleys that stripe the Reunion Island coast.

There is something for every taste and for every level. Between 1- to 60-meter depth, every exploration is possible and exciting.

We dive mainly in the « Reunion Island Natural Marine Reserve » created in 2007 encompassing a surface of 3,500 hectares of sea.

“Réunion Plongée – Div’in Run” makes a point of the quality of the equipment.

The diving center proposes 12 “Aqualung” gears that have been properly maintained and renewed.

In summer, we use 4-millimeter thick wetsuits that allow us to enjoy a 30°C water without feeling the slightest shiver.

In winter, water temperature seldom fall beneath 24°C. So to let us boldly put up with the “icy” water of the austral winter, we use one-piece 5.5-millimeter thick wetsuits J.

Every size is available for parents and children ; we have something for every one.

“Réunion Plongée – Div’in Run” has diving suits fitted to everyone’s body type. We have cuts for both men and women.

A whole set of mask forms and sizes will enable you to enjoy the submarine spectacle without any steam.

« Réunion Plongée – Div’in Run » provides you with scuba tanks that also suit everyone.

We have a range of air volumes: 6 liters, 10 liters, 12 liters (short), 12 liters (long), 13.5 liters and 15 liters.

A powerful air compressor (Bauer 42 m²/h) and 6 eighty-liter holding tanks filled to 300 bars allow us to inflate the diving bottles on the spot. They are filled with air or with « Nitrox ».

Nitrox is a gas which is enriched with oxygen and allows you to fully enjoy diving by making them more comfortable and more secure.

« Réunion Plongée – Div’in Run » has Nitrox equipments ranging up to 40% of oxygen and six-liter iron or 7 liters aluminum decompressing blocs that divers liking depth will appreciate.

If you want to learn how to use Nitrox, please contact us.

« Réunion Plongée – Div’in Run » is meant to get you experience the best scuba dives on the west coast of Reunion Island
We dive 2 to 3 times a day. Appointments are à 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM. Each diving trip is about 3 hours long.
We have set set up a varied, flexible and scalable program depending on your wishes and weather forecast.
Daily updated programs are available on line at https://www.reunionplongee.com/
Feel free to sign up on line.

We organize special interest dives : night dives, « double dive » options, « VIP » dives on a privatized boat, etc.
You have a wish ? « Réunion Plongée – Div’in Run » will do its best to make it happen.

« Réunion Plongée – Div’in Run » will take you to the diving spots on the west coast of Reunion Island pn booard of a 7.60-meter semi-rigid pneumatic boat equipped with a 225-horsepower engine.

Whatever you are an islander or being on vacation on Reunion Island, sensations are guaranteed.

Our rapid and comfortable boat allow us to get to tens of sites in less than 10 minutes or to «Lahoussaye Cap» in less than 40 minutes.

Protected from the sun beneath a well-made boat cover,  you will feel sailing is a real pleasure even in the summer heat.

After diving, you may enjoy a warm tea or a fresh drink on board while admiring the Reunion Island coast from the Indian Ocean side.

As for our « Swimming with whales» sea trips, we have a large scope of exploration. We always take every chance to enjoy the spectacle of dolphins and humpback whales for as much time as possible.

Xavier Malagié, State Licence as Sports Educator 2nd degree, Scuba School International Instructor, First Aid Instructor.

On the serious side

A solid experience of the sea, based on a 10-year experience as lifeguard.

An earnest teaching approach warranted by more than 15 years of sport teaching.

Careful and professional, he is watching over an always thorough and  reassuring organization. 

Everyone can feel his communicative passion for sharing the beauty of the seabed of Reunion Island.

He is gifted with a special skill for helping you discovery and enjoy every kind of diving, from the most entertaining to the most engaging (apnea, scuba-diving, sidemount diving, rebreather diving).

On the less serious side

Good humored and cheerful,

Cool and relax,

Also likes light hearted jokes.